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This group covers Low Power FM and NCE Broadcast stations. This is not about Pirate radio, rather the legal LPFM and NCE services. In-depth coverage of legal low power FM, LPFM. Advice on starting a LPFM radio station, operating a lpfm station. News and information for operators of LPFM stations - LPFM equipment, LPFM technical, LPFM programming, LPFM FCC rules and regulations, and LPFM Congressional action. This is the original LPFM group, started in 1998 as LPFM was in its infancy. If you're interested in finding LPFM information, from LPFM engineering, LPFM Frequency Searches, LPFM Equipment, or chatting with other LPFM station owners, this is your one stop LPFM source.

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